Probate is the Process That Makes the Will Legal

Probate declares the will is the last will that the deceased person. It also confirms that there are no objections to the will being valid.

How to apply for probate

An executor can apply for probate or they can ask a solicitor or trustee company to do it for them. There are a series of steps you need to go through to apply – including advertising online that you are applying. When you submit your application for probate to the Supreme Court, you need to include the deceased person’s will, death certificate and a confirmation of the estate’s assets. You also need to include an affidavit. An affidavit is a legal document that, in this case, proves to the court that the executor will administer the estate well and in line with the law.

What if there is no will

When a person dies without a will (intestate), there is no executor to administer the estate. In these cases, the closest next of kin can apply to be appointed.

How long does it take to grant probate

It takes around two weeks for a will to be granted probate.

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