ASIC Annual Fees

Although most SMSF’s are set up using individual Trustees, you may choose to have a Corporate Trustee for your SMSF. An SMSF can also have a company acting as a Custodian Trustee when an SMSF uses loans to invest in property.

Fees Payable

Each company needs to pay an annual fee to ASIC. A Corporate Trustee will pay a reduced annual fee to ASIC as noted below. For most companies and schemes, their annual review date is the anniversary of their date of registration or incorporation.

What are you registered as? Fees Schedule Notes
A proprietary company (except a special purpose company) $310 Late payment fee ($93) applies if not paid within 1 months after review date
A special purpose company* $63 Late payment fee ($93) applies if not paid within 1 months after review date

(Fees noted above are applicable from 1 July 2023, note fees raise annually and are linked to CPI. For more information, see ASIC Fees 2023.

Annual review fees for special purpose companies

Special purpose companies qualify for reduced annual review fees. If the company has started or ceased to be a special purpose company, you must let us know before its next annual review date. This ensures that we charge the right annual review fee.

You can tell us that a company is a special purpose company at the time of registration. You can also let us know by sending us the declaration to support that the company is a special purpose company, please click on the button to download the document required:

For more information on the use of companies in an SMSF, see our Corporate Trustee page.

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