Annual Return

SMSF Year End Requirements

The end of the financial year is the same for SMSFs as it is for individuals – 30 June. Superannuation Warehouse will prepare the SMSF annual compliance functions.

You need to send us your documents (see checklist below)

Trustees are responsible for sending us the information we need to prepare the SMSF’s financial accounts and tax return. Please send all supporting documents to us by email. We need to know the balances at 30 June and the transactions for the year for each of the following:

  • Bank Accounts

    • Please provide all bank statements in excel format (.csv) with explanations for all transactions from 1 July to 30 June.
    • Please send us the PDF / scanned copy of the 30 June statement to confirm ownership by the SMSF and closing balance for audit file completeness.
  • Roll-overs into the Fund, send us a statement

    • For contributions into the Fund, note which Member the contributions relate to.
    • For roll overs from other funds into the SMSF, please send a copy of the Benefit Rollover Statement setting out the tax components of the roll over.
  • Fixed Interest Securities

    • Statement or certificate confirming the ownership by the SMSF and the value as at 30 June.
    • Contract notes or transaction summary for the year.
  • Listed Shares & Listed Unit Trust Investments

    • Transaction summary statement for the period from 1 July to 30 June.
    • Financial Year summary statement as at 30 June to confirm units held and market value as at 30 June.
    • Dividend or distribution statements during the year.
    • Annual Tax Statement for Listed Unit Trust for the current financial year.
  • Unlisted Shares and Unlisted Unit Trusts

    • Unit or Share Certificate to confirm the units held and market value as at 30 June.
    • Market value as at 30 June.
    • Signed Financial Reports and Tax Return for Unlisted Unit Trust for the current financial year.
  • Private company

    • Share certificate confirm the units held by the Fund and market value as at 30 June.
    • Extract of ASIC Certificate showing Directors and Shareholders to confirm the SMSF does not have a control and voting right over the entity.
    • If there is dividend income, we need the dividend statement to record the franked / unfranked components.
  • Managed Investments

    • Annual Tax / Distribution statements for the year.
    • Transaction Summary from 1 July to 30 June.
    • Holding statement as at 30 June
  • Property

    • Depreciation schedule if applicable.
    • Monthly rental statements showing the relevant Income and Expenses.
    • Loan Agreement, loan statements / loan repayment schedule if applicable.
    • Title Deed for the property.
    • Title search per property.
    • Property settlement statement / Statement of Adjustment.
    • Property revaluation as at 30 June (can be a Trustee revaluation).
    • Signed lease agreement (no related party for residential property).
    • Property insurance policy for the period from 1 July to 30 June.
    • Tax invoices or payment receipts for all expenses paid by the SMSF.
    • Executed Contract of Sale to confirm the ownership by the SMSF.
    • Executed Declaration of Custody Trust if the Fund purchased a property with loans or in overseas.
  • Precious Metals, Art Works and other Collectible Assets

    • Purchase and sale invoices in the name of the SMSF.
    • Holding statements to confirm the quantity, unit types and market value as at 30 June.
    • Details of where the asset is held and confirmation it is not used by the Members or a related party.
    • Insurance policy statement for all collectable and personal use assets from the purchase date.
    • A dated photo of all bullion held by the Fund to confirm the existence of all these assets.
  • Crypto Currency Investment

    • Holding summary statement as at 30 June to confirm all crypto currency held and market value as at 30 June.
    • Transaction Statement for trading accounts and wallets from 1 July to 30 June.
    • Summary Statement for cash account from 1 July to 30 June.
  • Other investments

    • Evidence of acquisition / sale contracts or invoices in the name of the SMSF.
    • Valuation statements.
    • Lease agreement if applicable.
  • Life Insurance

    • Life insurance policy Statements showing the insurance payments and the name of the SMSF.
  • If you haven’t done so already, please send us copies of all your permanent documents.

There are some significant changes that took effect from 1 July 2017 in Super. If your pension balance is over the applied transfer balance cap, you will need to make a request to convert the excess amount from your pension accounts back to accumulation phase.

If you have utilised the Transfer Balance Cap for pensions ($1.9M after 1 July 2023), we will automatically reset the asset cost base in a most tax effective manner to take advantage of the CGT relief.

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Deadline for documents

The annual return for new SMSFs is due to the ATO by 28 Feb (8 months after year end). If the Fund is in its second or subsequent year of operation, the deadline is 15 May (10.5 months after year end).

Please try to send all files in Excel or CSV format. This will speed up the processing time significantly. Where there’s excessive data entry (also referred to as a shoe-box audit) we will have to charge an entering and processing fee to the account.

Please email these documents to us at: Alternatively, documents can be mailed to our postal address.

Forward all the documents you have on your Fund. If we have any queries or there are any documents missing, we’ll get in touch with you.

Complete Information

In order for us to carry out your SMSF accounting efficiently, it is important that the information you send us is complete and accurate. If we have to ask for information after the accountants have started processing your SMSF, there may be an additional charge.

Our preference is to have Trustees complete and sign the year-end checklist to ensure that they understand their responsibilities for reliable, accurate and complete accounting records supplied to us. If the year-end checklist is not provided to us, we will work on the assumption that the information supplied to us is complete and accurate.

As part of the Trustee’s obligations, there is a requirement to keep invoices and source documents for a minimum of 5 years.

Insurance Consideration

Trustees are required to consider life insurance as part of their SMSF investment strategy. For more information about taking out an insurance policy, visit our insurance page.

Sending us your annual SMSF documents – a checklist

In order to confirm that you’ve completed the steps listed below, please read them, copy them and then paste the same into an email and send them to us at:

  • We have sent you complete information concerning our SMSF activities for the year,
  • In the bank statement, we have marked all transactions and provided details of each one as a guide to their allocation,
  • We have attached a statement for each of the SMSF assets confirming that the SMSF holds legal title to these assets, and
  • The Trustees of the Fund have considered life insurance for all members and have attached the details to this email.

Please use the below form to upload files for your Annual Return; we accept all major file types. If you receive an error when using this form or the file type gets rejected, please send us an email and we will fix the issue immediately. If your files have been received successfully, we will send you a confirmation email.

The accepted file size (for each file) is 10MB.

The accepted file types include: xls, xlsx, pdf, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tiff, gif, doc, docx, rar, gzip, 7z, tar

    Superfund Details

    Files Description

    Files Upload

    Using Dropbox ?

    Please put all the files you need to send to us in one of your Dropbox Folders & Just submit the Dropbox Link in the form below where we can extract the files:

    Please Note: For Security reasons we cannot accept .zip files

    We hereby confirm the files are complete and accurate to complete our SMSF annual return. Please remember incomplete information cause rework, so please review the documents you send.

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