Audit Trustee

Superannuation Warehouse is a specialist SMSF practice that can provide you with accounting, taxation, administration and audit services.

Superannuation Warehouse is unique in offering a step-by-step process to establishing and maintaining your own SMSF. We provide all downloads and these include:


  • Trust Deed
  • Model financial statements
  • Trustee minutes
  • Investment Strategy
  • Audit guidance


Before you can lodge your SMSF tax return, it must be audited by an approved auditor. If you kept books and records for your SMSF and possess a basic knowledge of accounting, you’ll enjoy the task of preparing financial statements and tax returns. We can provide guidance when needed. See our step-by-step instructions offering a truly DIY SMSF option.

Our audit division, Audit Warehouse, can provide audit services directly to Individual Trustees. Follow each step carefully to ensure a smooth audit process.

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