Specialist Practice

Superannuation Warehouse is a Public Practice Accounting firm that specializes in providing SMSF Trustees with accounting or auditing services.

The firm’s director, Hein Preller, has many years’ experience of establishing and administering SMSFs, ensuring that they are in compliance with current ATO regulations.

What we do

For a fixed monthly fee, Superannuation Warehouse will handle all your SMSF’s accounting, tax, and audit obligations and ensure that your fund is ATO compliant.

Superannuation Warehouse acts as your “back office”, allowing you to concentrate on your SMSF’s investments. Please note that our services do not include investment advice. As a trustee, you are ultimately responsible for the investment strategy of your SMSF.

Why choose Superannuation Warehouse?

We have designed our services to meet the needs of SMSF Trustees who are financially literate but fee sensitive.

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