SMSF packages

SMSF packages



Up to 3 Australian bank accounts or term deposits with any Australian bank or credit union



Overseas bank account or term deposit with any overseas bank or credit union

Use any broker

Managed funds

Investment properties

Precious metals

Any other allowable investment

Fixed monthly fees

We provide an efficient service by cutting out unnecessary paperwork. We request that you supply us with a soft copy of your SMSF bank statements and share trading account statements at the end of the financial year. We then either upload or re-enter the data into our accounting system and prepare the SMSF Set of Financial Statements and SMSF Tax Return. It’s electronic, it’s paperless, and it’s just one of the many reasons we’re able to offer you the best SMSF service at the most reasonable price.

Where you invest and how you run your SMSF is entirely up to you. Be mindful that being a Trustee of an SMSF is a responsible position. However, Superannuation Warehouse is here to assist you in every way we can. We execute the SMSF set-up and carry out all the annual administrative functions, i.e. preparing the SMSF Financial Accounts, calculating the tax, arranging for the audit and submitting a tax return for your SMSF, leaving you as a Trustee of the SMSF to focus on what to invest in for your long-term retirement benefit.

Audit fee is included in our service

As part of the SMSF set-up process, Superannuation Warehouse will apply for an ABN and a TFN for your Fund. On an annual basis, we prepare the SMSF Set of Financial Statements, prepare the SMSF annual tax return, and arrange for the SMSF audit with an independent external SMSF Auditor. All these functions are covered by your fixed monthly fee.

Your annual SMSF audit is carried out by an auditor appointed and paid for on your behalf by Superannuation Warehouse. The audit fee is included in the monthly cost – no extra audit fee is charged. The cost to you is therefore a fixed monthly amount. This is the best value SMSF package in Australia! If you want to proceed with setting up an SMSF, please click here.

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